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Need translation of medical words?

Download UniversalNurses Speaker app that gives hundreds of medical sentences and audios translated and recorded in 8 different languages by native speakers- English, Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, German and Somali.


There is a very poor health access and people die very single day from preventable disease.

Lusophone Africans do not have many access to mhealth applications. Angola has only 3 or 4 apps for health services, while you can easily find more than 100 mhealth apps in English. We want to change this and give the same opportunity to African Lusophones  by including them and incentivate them to manage their own health and start using more mhealth apps.

Women especially are having more health problems in Lusophone African countries. Many do not know where to go for a check-up while they are pregnant or are having female health care problems because they do not have the resources to pay. This is also one of the main reason why we started NOSLEOJ: to help women get more access to health care services through digital health and give them more effective information about how to take care of their children in Portuguese through educational videos.


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2020 is the year of Nurses and Midwives according to the World Health Organization. There is a shortage of 66.000 nurses in the North of Mozambique and in Angola we only have between 700 and 800 nurses for 1 million of people.  There is especially a shortage of  specialised nurses or health workers. Health workers need to invest more in specialisations to be specialised in a certain area and be able to deliver a high quality service….This will also hel nurses and midwives to work independently and help to care for the people at home. This is why NOSLEOJ is here to help you combine a specialisation with entrepreneurship  and so that nurses and midwives can know the worth of their profession……you can earn a living with your degree if you are committed and know what you are doing.
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