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Without a good health, there is no wealth and I believe that without a good data collection there is not a good healthcare system. Often we talk about a good healthcare system in African countries, about eradicating child mortality and maternal death. We also talk about improving prevention of various

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A Nurse with a Purpose – Elaine Alston

Elaine Alston is a 40-year old Nurse, she was born in South-Africa and grew up in the states. Her father was a refugee seeking to get an education in the US. Elaine chose to be a nurse because she always loved science, she loves how things work in nature harmoniously.

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Interview: “Our Hidden Treasures”

At this moment Ghana needs more or less 38.000 nurses to fill in the nurses-patient ratio. In September 2018 the Health Minister of Nigeria said that there is no serious shortage of doctors in Nigeria but according to the Guardian Nigeria ( 22 April 2018 ) 2000 medical doctors leave

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If you have not heard about AfriGalTech up until “now”, well this is the time to get to know one of the African’s talents of the future. AfriGalTech is comprised out of 3 young women who grew up in Kampala, Uganda . Rachel who is 26 years old, Bonita and

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