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The healthcare system of Angola is getting worse and worse, people prefer to go overseas to get access to healthcare! But what about those who do not have the means to go abroad? With Nosleoj we are attempting to offering the PALOP communities an access to affordable healthcare, advices and information about health so they can improve their health even if they do not have the budget for it.
Nosleoj is a platform that connects users to African m-health applications all over the world. We connect PALOP consumers to digital health providers!   Many times people from Lusophone African countries do not have access to those applications because most of them are in English so we are in some sort LEFT BEHIND!
What we want to achieve is make the language barrier smaller and increase the chances of people of Lusophone African countries to gain access to the same health providers! In countries such as Angola, Mocambique, etc….. There is a very poor health access, people die very single day from preventable disease. We want you to get advice from professional health providers from your home with just the help of a mobile phone and internet. HEALTH IS WEALTH!
Lusophone Africans do not have many access to mhealth applications as West/Africans for example. Angola has only 3 or 4 apps for health services….while you can find easily 40 to 50 mhealth apps in English from West/African countries. We want to change this and give the same opportunity to African Lusophones and Francophones by including them and incentivate them to manage their own health and start using more mhealth apps.

    “The problem that we have is that the health system is not designed to keep people healthy. The health system is designed to respond to  disease. those systems are built to wait for people, they are not built to reach out to people! Which brings  in the very important conversation that actually People need to own their own health and to own their own health you need to empower them as they are…. to deal with health at home not when they go to the hospital! If you focus on the people, it is likely you will need less and less of a health infrastructure!”
    – Dr. Githinji Gitahi (CEO Amref Health Africa )

    Our Mission is to be the facilitator that will empower you by bringing health professionals in your home no matter the distance!

    Our Vision is to change the behaviour of African people by making them the managers of their own health and technologically savy so that instead of only seeking advice and help to heal, they will seek professional advice to prevent those diseases without having to leave their houses.

Founder / CEO - M. Miala

M. MIALA has a Bachelor degree of Science in Nursing and  was a volunteer for UN Empower Women in 2016-2017 where she empowered Angolan and Congolese Women by teaching them about financial literacy and investing in stocks. She is always been interested in entrepreneurship, in 2010 she was a semi-finalist for the Sukuma Africa Young Entrepreneurs Competition and in 2015 she was a semi-finalist for African Entrepreneurship Awards. She was also a volunteer writer for, where she promoted and shared successful stories of Africans and Afro-Americans Entrepreneurs. She used to be a mentor to African students to help them get scholarships overseas in her free time.
In 2010 she was a finalist for Ashoka Changemakers: Health Young Champions, today she is an African Changemaker Fellow 2018. Her true passion is always been being a Nurse, She  is a Certified Wound Care Nurse and  the Co-Founder of eWoundHelp. She is a  member of  The International Society for Telemedicine, eHealth and  Telenursing Working Group and also a member of AFRICAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COOPERATIVE cohort 1.
Miala is also a member of Digital Health Roster of Experts for the World Health Organization and she is a member of the Digital Transformation Leadership Working Group.

Co-Founder / COO - Wilson Miala

Wilson Miala has a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration and Marketing with Public Management as an option . In 2013 he co-founded an association with his colleagues: “J.U.A.S” Jovens Unidos Para Actividades Sociais…being the philanthropist that he is, they realize monthly social activities within this non-profit association up until today where he works as a volunteer to help rebuild the socio cultural and economical development of Angola and as a financial coordinator.
He has a certificate of Accountant and a certificate of Management Sales and MarketingAccounting elements. Wilson Miala talked about the initiative JUAS in #CountryOfTheWeekAngola for the Young African Leaders Initiative . Wilson Miala has more than 4 years of experience as an accountant for a multinational company.